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My name is Jacob Ruttenberg and I am a Chicago native, sound designer, and storytelling enthusiastic. I have worked in many different areas of audio, including: Sound Effects Designer, implementer, and Composer for indie video games, Re-Recording Mixer for award-winning indie short films, comedy sketches, and VR media, and Foley and Field Recording.

I have a BA from New York University in Sound for Modern Media. Since graduating three years ago, I have worked as a sound designer on a number of indie video games and award-winning indie short films. Currently I am working on Codename: Lyric, coming to Steam this winter, which is developed as a side-project by a number of senior-level programmers and artists at two AAA video game studios. 

I am moving from Chicago to Los Angeles this summer where I will study Interactive Media at USC. I am one of 15 accepted students to this three-year, MFA program. In addition to sound design, I will be learning about other aspects of game development and technology, including art, animation, programming, and more. I intend to use this experience to better qualify for a high level sound design position at a video game studio and, ultimately, a game designer position. I love sound but it's only one piece of the pie.

The origins of my love for sound design began around 2005 from playing games like Kingdom Hearts and World of Warcraft. Though I’ve taken a fairly convoluted journey through other media like music, short films, and other linear content, video games are what I love most. Complex game systems, emergent narratives, and the people who create them is what inspires me. 

I also love watching basketball, playing with my cat Dillon, cooking, thinking about city planning, reading fantasy novels with extensive universes, and being an active citizen of the world. Also I have never played DnD and desperately want to.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with a professional sound design or game development idea!

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