• Jacob Ruttenberg

My Site's Live!

Hey! Welcome to my new website. I had the pleasure of being featured on Reel Talk, a podcast that critiques professional video game sound design reels and artist's portfolios. After receiving some fantastic and honest feedback, I thought it was time I completely overhaul my website and portfolio. On the first tab "Reel and Selected Portfolio", you'll find my latest sound design reel and my best and/or most recent works. If you're reading this before August 2020, Codename: Lyric will become public and I will be adding another video game credit, Masterpiece Masyu, and two more short films.

In the second tab, "Full Credits", you'll find an exhaustive list of all the video games, films, and virtually everything else creative I've worked on. Sound Design for games is the focus of my professional career - and this website - but I use this section to show off other projects, like a Civ5 mod and some creative writing.

In my Bio tab is, yes, my short biography.

This Blog section will likely be a mix of statements about coming releases for new projects as well as reflections based on my experiences studying Interactive Media at USC and exploring the video game scene in Los Angeles.

This site was made by Wix so making changes is very easy. If you have any feedback for me and the layout of this site, please say so! Thanks and enjoy your visit.


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