Sound for Games

Corporate Clash : Technical Sound Designer, Director of Look and Feel | In-Progress, Spring 2021

Project Confectionary : Audio Director | In-Progress, Spring 2021

Agave VR : Technical Sound Designer | In-Progress, Spring 2021 

Sound Toy : Technical Sound Designer, Associate Producer | In-Progress, Spring 2021 

Idle Expanse : Audio Director, Composer | 2020

Whose Crime Is It Anyway? Technical Sound Designer, Game and Level Designer | 2020

PuttPutt Pong : Audio Director, Composer | 2020

Days of War : Sound Designer | 2019

Dead Heat : Sound Designer | 2019

Quintacolor : Sound Designer, Composer | 2018

Ominous : Sound Designer, Composer | 2018


Sound for Linear Media - Short Film, VR

Wipes : Sound Designer, Post Sound Mixer | 2020

Wine Night Sound Designer, Post Sound Mixer, Composer | 2020

Happy Hunting : Sound Designer, Post Sound Mixer | 2020

Tunnel Vision : Sound Designer, Post Sound Mixer, Composer | 2020

Wipe : Sound Designer, Post Sound Mixer | 2019

Protocol 51 Trailer : Producer, Sound Designer, Composer, VO Artist | 2019

Amity : Sound Designer, Post Sound Mixer | 2019

EXPO 360 : Producer, Field Recorder, Post Sound Mixer | 2017

i think some of my friends are still afraid of the dark : Producer, Sound Designer, Composer | 2017

Please Knock : Boom Operator | 2016

Sleepwalkers : Sound Designer, Post Sound Mixer, Music Supervisor | 2016

Mutiny of the Mind : Sound Designer, Post Sound Mixer | 2015

A Dinner Spoiled : Boom Operator | 2014


Game Design - Mods, Tabletop, Levels, Prototypes 

BetterAzeroth : Civilization 5 custom map mod based on World of Warcraft

Roll the Ball : Unity game prototype; a personal exercise in game prototyping

COOB : Unity game prototype; a personal exercise in game prototyping

RPG Dev_Beach : Unity game prototype; a personal exercise in level design

We Bound to Coldharbour : Unity game demo

Runner Rampage : Unity game demo

Archmage : Unity game demo

Neckbeard Simulator : Video game prototype Powerpoint presentation


Other Work - Field Recordings, Podcasts, Writing, Music

Story Sounds I - Water : A collection of high quality field recordings of Iceland's rivers and waterfalls

Field Recording 365/15 : A collection of 365 field recordings, one from every calendar day in 2015

The Three Modes of Listening : My senior thesis from my undergraduate studies at New York University

Analysis of Game Design and Narrative : A series of critical analyses of games like Bioshock from NYU

Analysis of Walter Murch : A series of critical analyses of film's like The Godfather from NYU

Belgravia 72 : A brief history book of Chicago’s most prominent and culturally rich homes 

Unsupervised Learning : A podcast on exploring human nature hosted by four tech nerds

Yoda Video Series : A videos series that features a miniature Lego Yoda amidst vast New York City

"Stormwind Theme" But Every Note is Leeroy Jenkins : An experiment on sampling and composition

"To Zanarkand" But Every Note is Tidus' Laugh : An experiment on sampling and composition

Friends Theme Song (UNSEEN FOOTAGE) : A tribute to YouTube poop

Adventure Time Redub : An audio redub of a condensed episode of Adventure Time

Virtual Home Tours : A brief virtual tour of homes for sale utilizing 360 / VR technology

compilations - snffymffn : Sound mixing and mastering credits

this is snffymffn - snffymffn : Sound mixing and mastering credits

So Wrong - Sam East : Sound mixing and mastering credits

Often - Sam East : Sound mixing and mastering credits

Spin - Bedows : Sound mixing and mastering credits

Spin pt. II - Bedows : Sound mixing and mastering credits

Better in My Head - Bedows x Nafets : Sound mixing and mastering credits

Mango Kisses - Burns Twins x Kaina : Sound mixing and mastering credits

Yoshi's Dreamland feat. Macey Hartman - Burns Twins x Trickett : Sound mixing and mastering credits

Palm Tree Emoji - Burns Twins : Sound mixing and mastering credits

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